Friday, May 30, 2014

5 Fun and Inspiring Finds!

Here are few things I found fun and inspiring on the internet this week:

1.  These are really cool napkins and place mats...with scripture verses on them!  I'm seriously considering hosting a catalog party for Mary & Martha!  Anyone interested???  Check out the story behind the napkins here.

2.  We are back from our 2 week vacation and taking a month off of I've been cleaning and gearing up for some projects I hope to get done.  This page on cleaning tips has some great stuff in it! Some I already knew, some that made me go WHOA! :)

3.  You know I have a love for Joni!  After meeting her, I appreciate her even more than ever!  She has such a heart for the Lord and He has used her unique situation in amazing ways to reach those with disabilities...and beyond.  So much to see and explore on the website.  Check it out!  And if you ever happen to be in or near Agoura Hills, California set up a tour of Joni and Friends!  You will be forever changed!

4.  I have to echo the sentiments of this blog writer:  MIND BLOWN!  I, too, love all things cake, cupcake and icing/decorating---but I hate the clean up of the icing bags, tips, etc.  This was one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments!  So excited to try this new technique out and hoping it works with larger amounts of icing???

5.  I love this whole blog:  Intoxicated on Life.  This guest post from a seasoned mom is simple, encouraging, helpful and Christ-honoring.  It is a great reminder to change your focus and remember what your goals and visions of mommyhood are!  Maybe summer has begun for you and you need to regroup for longer days filled with the sounds of kids home from school or maybe you are a mom of littles and you need to take a deep breath to continue in the journey!  I pray this short and sweet post will encourage your heart!

*I'm excited to announce a new weekly post called Question of the Week (original, huh?)  We will look together in the Word to answer every day questions on the hearts and minds of women Living Out God's Design!  I already have a few questions submitted.  Feel free to submit yours to my email:  or use the Contact form at the top of this blog! 

 For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.  Romans 11:36