Monday, February 10, 2014

True Joy

The Call of Ministry

I was reminded recently about the importance of being very present in the place where God has called you.  My husband and son were on a short trip to a place that they both love.  Gorgeous farm land, rolling hills, and all the scenery and smells that fill the place.  My son expressed to my husband on the trip back how much he would like to move there when he finishes school.  How blessed my husband was to have the opportunity to have an important and intimate discussion with our son on the importance of God's calling on one's life.  He expressed that sometimes it is not always our first choice, but once we are in the center of God's will in the place He has called us to, it becomes the place we love because it is the place of obedience.

This is one of my favorite places!  It is the private island of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines called Coco Cay!  One of the most beautiful and relaxing spots I have ever been.  I am sure there are more beautiful places, but I got to go here with my husband while I was pregnant with my twins RIGHT before I was put on a 3 month bed rest!  I remember it as being a wonderful time for my husband and I to really enjoy one another in a quiet, relaxed  and slow paced atmosphere and feast continually (and uninterrupted) on God's Word.  VERY different from our usual ministry and large family filled life! And as wonderful as this place is...and as much as I love it...and as much as I sometimes long for that peaceful is not where God has called us.  Though it may bring temporary happiness, it cannot bring the peaceful, settled joy-even in the midst of bustling busyness-that comes from being right in the center of where God has called us.

Happiness comes from the word happenstance:  by chance, fortune, coincidental.  Happiness is temporary.  It comes and goes.  So does sadness.  But JOY! Joy is a source or state of happiness and the expression or rejoicing of that delight.  True joy comes only from the Lord-and that through a personal relationship with Him.  The bible tells us that, "...the fruit of the Spirit"(Galatians 5:22). In other words, the gift of God's salvation to us through His Son Jesus Christ, is not only the amazing gift of eternal life, but also the gift of His Spirit residing in us.  The fruit of our lives being filled by the Spirit of God, as opposed to being filled with selfish, worldly desires and motives, is joy.  True and enduring happiness that is not swayed by our circumstances, what we own, what we gain or what we lose.  Or where we live.  True joy comes from being obedient to the will of the Father and resting in His perfect plan for each of us.

It reminds me to be content and joyful where God has us.  To seek to do His will with an obedient willingness.  And to remember:  He has a place prepared for me that is far more beautiful than the rolling, scenic farmlands and a place much more tranquil and glorious than Coco Cay...


"For this world is not our home; we are 
 looking forward to our city in heaven, 
 which is yet to come." Hebrews 13:14

As they shall have in heaven pure joy, so they shall 
have in heaven fullness of joy. Here on earth all joy 
is at an ebb--but in heaven is the flood of joy! Here 
shall be joy above joy, joy surmounting all joy. Here 
shall be such great joys--as no geometrician can 
measure; so many joys--as no arithmetician can 
number; and such wonderful joys--as no rhetorician 
can utter, had he the tongue of men and angels! Thomas Brooks

"In His presence is fullness of joy, and at His right
 hand are pleasures forevermore." Psalm 16:11

Fullness of joy!

In this present life I may have some tainted pleasures; 
but in eternity, I shall always have pure delights and 
holy raptures! 

In this life I may have at times a measure of health; 
but in eternity, I shall always have perpetual vigor! 

In this life I may have some acres of ground; but in 
eternity, I shall always have an unbounded inheritance 
in the heavenly Canaan!

Here, I may have fine clothing of silk; there I will 
have robes of righteousness and garments of glory! 

Here I may have a beautiful house; there 
I will have a house not made with hands! 

Here I may have bread to eat and water to drink; 
there I will have the hidden manna and the river of life! 

Here I may have a portion of the good things of time; 
there I will have the glorious treasures of eternity! 

As to spiritual things, in this life I may have some 
communications of grace; but in eternity, I shall 
have eternal glory

Here I have freedom from the reign of sin; there 
I will have deliverance from the presence of sin! 

Here I have glances of heaven by faith; 
there I will have immediate vision of glory! 

Here I have God in His ordinances; there I will 
have uninterrupted communion with Him! 

Here I have some experience of His love; 
there I will have all the transports of eternal 
assurance and everlasting bliss! 

Here I have access to the throne of grace; 
there I will have continuous attendance at 
the throne of glory! 

Here I often sin against God; there 
I shall never offend His holy heart!

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